About us

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NEMO PACK is importing packaging consumables & machinery from the most important players of the European packaging industry and is reselling to end-users and small/middle-size distributors:

  • Strapping consumables & equipment
  • Wrapping consumables & equipment
  • Carton sealing consumables & equipment
  • Other packaging consumables not falling under the above categories

The company also offers engineering service and spare parts for the hand tools and machines of all renowned manufacturers

NEMO PACK is physically present in Hungary and Greece and exports its products to neighboring countries, mainly to Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic

Part of the offered products are processed in the company’s premises in Budapest

nemotapes kep
NEMO TAPES is a sister company of NEMO PACK which is involved in the printing of carton-sealing adhesive tapes & barrier tapes. The company has been present in the Hungarian market for more than 20 years -with 3 different business names- and today is considered to be the market leader in its field. The production unit of NEMO TAPES is located in Budapest and the finished goods are distributed to a wide portfolio of major end-user accounts but also to selected distributors in Hungary and Greece. On the same time, significant volumes of printed tapes are exported to neighboring countries, mainly to Slovakia and Romania.

A significant competitive advantage of NEMO TAPES is the flexibility of its production process, which allows for design & production of fully custom-made products and for short lead times..

NEMO TAPES can print the customer’s desired logo on Hot-Melt, Acrylic &PVC adhesive tapes or on barrier tapes of variable thicknesses and lengths, using up to 3 colors.